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Howto: Install Redmine 1.4 using MySQL on Debian 6 (Squeeze)

These notes are mostly because I had a hard time figuring this out – I ran in to all kinds of stupid errors. But here I present, a guide for installing Redmine 1.4 on Debian – a guide that actually works! This guide assumes that you have a working MySQL server. You need a bunch […]

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Linux LVM – how to!

    I will run through some use cases for using LVM. I will begin by giving an easy-to-understand description of how LVM works. Followed by how to set up the first volume group and logical volume and I’ll end it with info on how to extend an existing partition using ext3, ext4 and XFS. […]

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Updated set of must-have apps for your Mac

Back in 2009 I wrote a post about the apps you must have for your Mac. Time changes, new apps are born and I discover new stuff. So this is my new updated list of the Must-Have apps I will recommend you to get if you do not already have them. 1Password This software is […]

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SFTP only chroot users with OpenSSH in Debian

From OpenSSH version 4.9 and up it is now possible to create chrooted SFTP-only users with OpenSSH without the need for any add-ons. In my example i want all users within the “sftp” group to hit /srv/sftponly.  This can be done on userlevel or on group level. I will be using groups. At first, use […]

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Do you make backup? – If you do, is your backup strategy safe?

I think server backups here. As a server administrator, there are a lot of concerns and one of the bigger ones is security. I know a whole lot of server administrators, and when I did a Q&A to know about their backups I was astonished to find out that more than 30% of them did […]

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Howto: APC UPS and Debian

So, I have a couple of NAS boxes and a laptop as server running at home. It’s all good until thunder appears. There are multiple risks with this. If the lightning strikes it can cause large surges of electricity that will destroy your equipment, if a power loss occurs it can cause the two RAID5 […]

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42 reasons why the iPad is better than netbooks.

Now, in the following I take into note that the iPad is not meant as a replacement to your laptop computer. It is meant as an additional device, something extra you have. Because you like nice things. Also, the “it’s expensive” and “you need to buy” argument is used a lot of times – I […]

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Setting up OpenVPN server

Please read through the entire tutorial BEFORE doing anything. If you do not read through this you might end up with some unanswered questions on how to do something, that is actually described further down. Thanks. Test setup: XEN based VPS. 256 slice from Slicehost running Debian Lenny 64-bit Let’s get started! The first thin […]

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Useriøs hosting!

Som du måske har bemærket (hvis du har læst mine tidligere indlæg..) så er en af mine interesser hosting. Sjovt nok, lever jeg af hosting og ud over at leve af det, så snuser jeg også rundt og ser hvad andre har at byde på. Jeg møder mange ting rundt omkring, som jeg synes er […]

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Maximizing Password Security

Amongst several years I have been using very complex passwords, however they could somewhat be linked to each other. I memorized around 15 different passwords with an average length of 15 chars. All of them had a complexity level which was rather high, (at least 3 of these: uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers, special characters, […]

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