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Danish welfare system pt. 1

This is the beginning of my point of view upon the danish welfare system – and the people taking advantage of it. Please note, that you might find the following text offending if you receive social benefit from the government. However – I do not give a shit, honestly. Again; all information stated in the […]

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iPhone: Customize Carrier Logo

How to make a custom logo like this To use this guide you must have access to the filesystem. If you do not know how to do this, read this post. Go to Browse to Utilities and install “Make It Mine” Access the root filesystem and browse to /System/Library/CoreServices and then ctrl+click on “SpringBoard” […]

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iPhone pt. 1: Accessing filesystem

So.. I got it.. The iPhone, finally. What I could do is to write the regular stuff that everyone does on how it works and so on.. But I’d rather not. Hacking devices and gadgets is funny, and that is exactly what my iPhone is. Hacked. To do all of this you need: Jailbroken iPhone. […]

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Just without money..

Have you ever wondered how the world would work, if money did not exist? … Please do not say “then we would have some other type of payment…” you stupid douchebag, that’s not what I am looking for. Sometimes at night, when I am supposed to sleep I think instead (fuck..) and one of the […]

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