Updated set of must-have apps for your Mac

Back in 2009 I wrote a post about the apps you must have for your Mac. Time changes, new apps are born and I discover new stuff. So this is my new updated list of the Must-Have apps I will recommend you to get if you do not already have them.


This software is simply awesome! 1Password makes it possible for you to store all your passwords securely and gives you the ability to easily use those logins from your browser. Furthermore you can store credit card information in it, and it will be able to fill that out for you too.


I still think that Adium is the best instant messating app for your Mac. It supports most IM protocols, and that’s about what there i to day.


For unpacking a wide range of archives, BetterZip really gets the job done easily.


If you make instruction video or any other kind of screencast, Camtasia is without doubt the best application for recording these sessions I have used. Not only is it very easy to start recording, it also offers to record your mic and/or the system audio. Also, editing your work afterwards is very easy.


While I think that Windows is a useless OS, CoRD is the best app for remote controlling those computers/servers running Windows via RDP.


Being and old GNU/Linux desktop user, there were some things I have missed on OS X in regard to managing application windows. Divvy really makes this task easier. It gives you the ability to arrange your windows very easily and with a click on a keyboard shortcut.

Hands Off!

Control which applications has access to the internet and to write files on your disk. If you’re a security paranoid like me, you will love this.

iStat Menus

Keep an eye on your CPU, Disk, memory and network usage at all times right in your menu bar. Highly customizable and has a nice simple design.


The IRC client to rule them all. The themes are created using standard CSS. It also gives you a small preview window which shows you everything going on in all channels you are joined in. Great if you’re curious.


PowerPoint.. seriously..met… the boss! Nuff’ said.

NaviCat (for MySQL)

If you manage MySQL databases and you’d like something a little nicer than phpMyAdmin and you’d like something to use for building and testing queries easily, this is the tool you want.


Connect to FTP/SFTP/DAV/S3 either in Transmit or mount them as a drive. This just works beautifully and is extremely easy to use. Panic really did a great job here!

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