Must-have software for your Mac

Add time goes by, I convince more and more of my friends that Macs are simply awesome and that they must own one. As I do that, more and more also requests a list of must-have software for their newly bought wonder.

I have therefore decided to make a list of the software I think you must have for your Mac.


Adium is simply the best Instant Messaging client for OS X. It features MSN, ICQ, Yahoo, Facebook, Jabber, gTalk and whatever you like of instant messaging. You can customize it to have just the look you like, and that’s awesome!



BetterZip can handle your archives. It handles all kinds of archives and even takes RAR multipart. The built in unarchiver is somewhat okay, for those it support. If you only need to extract RAR files, and you don’t want to pay for it you could use “Rar Expander”.



If you develop web, you will love Coda. It has built in FTP/SFTP client, SSH client. You can preview the pages on the server without opening a browser separately.



The only FTP/SFTP client you need. It is very lightweight and easy to use. It integrates with the OS X keychain.


Google Quick Search Box

I could spend a long time explaining why you need this. You simply just do. It helps you opening programs, search contacts, e-mails, control iTunes, check stocks or whatever you like, without moving your hands away from the keyboard. Try it, give it a chance. Once you get used to it, you will love it. Remember to disable the feature that sends stuff to Google.



Enhance your Quicktime to play almost whatever you throw at it.



The player, that will definitely play everything Quicktime w. Perian won’t.


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