Just without money..

Have you ever wondered how the world would work, if money did not exist? … Please do not say “then we would have some other type of payment…” you stupid douchebag, that’s not what I am looking for.

Sometimes at night, when I am supposed to sleep I think instead (fuck..) and one of the thoughts coming to my mind is this. If every person in the world were equal (not that I want it that way, I’m not hippie.) what would it be like? Would we have all the great things we have to day – materialistic stuff that is – and would the gap in personal status be as big?

Of course there would still be leaders, bosses, nerds, smartguys, bitches, sweet girls, white, black, red and yellow people – but else than that.

Why not play with the thought? How would a shoppingmall be? Who would want to work and get exactly nothing from it – and would our minds even be focused on wheter we were going to be rewarded for our work? Would human values actually BE our drive?

…How about violence and war? If every man and woman were equal, would violence even be necessary.. If so, what would the reason be?

What would define power and might? Wealth would not be it. Would power and might even exist? Who would do research on diseases? Would there be healthcare? Who wants to spend years to learn something, just to know it with no reward? – And who would teach the stuff? How would we travel?

Better stop now. Questions are unlimited… Give it a thought! If you find the solution, mail me 😉

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