Do you make backup? – If you do, is your backup strategy safe?

I think server backups here.

As a server administrator, there are a lot of concerns and one of the bigger ones is security. I know a whole lot of server administrators, and when I did a Q&A to know about their backups I was astonished to find out that more than 30% of them did not even take backup. I got a lot of responses and there are many ways of handling your backup, but a lot of them are very very wrong and will not do you any good in case of an emergency.

Do you even back up?

If you do not back up your data, what will you do in case of a hardware failure? Sure, you might be running a RAID, but a RAID is no guarantee, a RAID can break and then you will loose the game.

If you do not take backup, what will you do in the event of a fire breaking loose and destroying everything where ever your server is placed? Is your data valuable to you?

How do you back up?

Making backup is good. But how do you save your backup on the remote host? A few common ways of making backup is via FTP/SFTP/rsync. So, now you’re safe, right? If a fire breaks out, water disaster, disks die and so on, you will have your backup. And that’s good.

If your backup is automated, then your client somehow authorized to the backup server. In most of the above mentioned cased that authentication gives you full access to the backup data! Why is that bad?  It is because an attacker that has success gaining access to your server, will be able to emulate the authentication of the automated backup and therefore be able to delete both production data AND backup data.

How much is your backup worth now?

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