Debbie is online

Who’s debbie?
This, is debbie:

Debbie will be serving me hopefully for a long time 🙂 This is the configuration:

CPU: 4 x Intel Xeon 2.66 GHz 64-bit
RAM: 12 GB DDR2, ECC Registered
HDD: 2 x 160 GB, S-ATAII in hardware RAID1 mirror.
LAN: 2 x 1 Gbit/s Intel something

This is if course running GNU/Linux, and the server is splitted into virtual chunks performing one task each (almost).
She’s running web, web with ssl, primary DNS, mail, mailscan, MySQL.. and whatever else is needed to make life good 😛

Now, my “worries” are which DNS server to run. Currently it is based on BIND9, however I am thinking of using PowerDNS instead, because of the great MySQL integration.
As some of you night know, I already did code a complete webinterface for BIND, storing data in MySQL and generating the zonefiles – even supporting autodeployment of new zones and taking down zones to a secondary Windows (ugh) DNS server… Anyway, Stuff is made to be changed, and the MySQL thing about PowerDNS really atracts my attention. It’s easy to administrate and it would be very easy to maintain a set of DNS servers both running PowerDNS..

When I decide what to do i might write something about it.. maybe not…

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