Danish welfare system pt. 1

This is the beginning of my point of view upon the danish welfare system – and the people taking advantage of it. Please note, that you might find the following text offending if you receive social benefit from the government. However – I do not give a shit, honestly.

Again; all information stated in the following is seen from my point of view, with all the twists I do WANT to see it with. Do not flame me for that. If you do, it tells more about you than it does about me. I am a capitalist asshole, and I approve this message.

How it is

If you do not work, you can get social benefits from the government. This makes you a welfare recipient. As a welfare recipient you are put into different types of activationprojects to get your lazy ass out of the chair and do something with your life, instead of wasting away my money. However, if you have a statement from a somewhat competent psychiatrist, you can be a true freeloader and get paid for doing – nothing. If you are not fucked up enough – then you get sent to some kind of school, typically VUC(AEC), which means “Adult Educational Centre”.. A place primarily filled with social dropouts.

Welfare checks are for losers!

Quite a statement. Nonetheless that is how I state it. Most of the losers are blaming society for their pity, somehow emoish. No matter what went wrong in their life, it is because of this “stupid society” (that gives you bread in your fucking mouth!). They often state “why do they not help me?”, “everything is because they will not help me” – and crap like that. I am god damn sick and tired of hearing that! Be a little constructive here, people, do something with your life! Stop wasting it and blaming others.

There is no heaven of glory bright and no hell where sinners roast. Here and now is our day of torment! Here and now is our day of joy!
– Anton Szandor LaVey.

This is for everyone. Stop having self-pity, and DO something.

..I wanna do something, but they wont help me!

What.. You are babling again! Whom are THEY and why must THEY help you? What is the hard thing about applying to a danish education? You get fucking paid for studying, it is completely free and all you need to do is pull yourself a little together, have self-discipline enough to actually meet up every morning.

Or.. you could raise your lazy ass and put down a letter of application to a job.. Oh, you are not good at expressing yourself? You can not spell? Oh, what a pity – YOU SHOULD HAVE FUCKING THOUGHT OF THAT WHEN YOU WERE IN SCHOOL… You are shy too? woopty-fucking-doo, got more excuses for continuing to wear expensive clothes and buying new gear paid with MY hard earned money?

….to be continued!

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