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Time Machine via network and automount

So, after changing my entire storagesetup at home to go through network, both to keep my desk simple but most important, to get rid of the humming from the external disk, I was facing one problem: Time Machine, how to network with it? Well, now I’ve found out the complete and perfect solution for this […]

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Svinebacon i svinefars med baconterninger

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Recover MySQL root password

Ever tried losing your MySQL root password, because you’re an idiot or a coworker changed it without documenting or telling? Well, within 10 minutes this can be fixed. This guide applies to Debian and probably others too. su – to root and perform the following. 1. Stop MySQL /etc/init.d/mysql stop 2. Start MySQL and skip […]

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Debbie is online

Who’s debbie? This, is debbie: Debbie will be serving me hopefully for a long time 🙂 This is the configuration: CPU: 4 x Intel Xeon 2.66 GHz 64-bit RAM: 12 GB DDR2, ECC Registered HDD: 2 x 160 GB, S-ATAII in hardware RAID1 mirror. LAN: 2 x 1 Gbit/s Intel something This is if course […]

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Setting up local DNS on OS X Leopard

I found that my internet connection sometimes worked quite slow, and I also found out that the DNS lookups were slowing my relatively fast internet connection down. First of all! Performing this is at your own risk and I will not take responsibility for you fucking up your network settings. Please do know, that this […]

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This is fucking funny :D

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dotDK? DK-Hostmaster?

Der er megen debat om dette emne, om der er fusk indblandet, om der ikke er fusk indblandet osv. Jeg har selvfølgelig også en holdning til tingene, men ingen holdning skal stå til uden at være forklaret. Vores lille land har et TLD, som slutter på .dk. I dag kører der stakkevis af infrastruktur med […]

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iPhone: Customize Carrier Logo

How to make a custom logo like this To use this guide you must have access to the filesystem. If you do not know how to do this, read this post. Go to Browse to Utilities and install “Make It Mine” Access the root filesystem and browse to /System/Library/CoreServices and then ctrl+click on “SpringBoard” […]

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iPhone pt. 1: Accessing filesystem

So.. I got it.. The iPhone, finally. What I could do is to write the regular stuff that everyone does on how it works and so on.. But I’d rather not. Hacking devices and gadgets is funny, and that is exactly what my iPhone is. Hacked. To do all of this you need: Jailbroken iPhone. […]

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