42 reasons why the iPad is better than netbooks.

Now, in the following I take into note that the iPad is not meant as a replacement to your laptop computer. It is meant as an additional device, something extra you have. Because you like nice things.

Also, the “it’s expensive” and “you need to buy” argument is used a lot of times – I see that argument as invalid. It’s not a question about money, it’s a question about whether the device is great or not.

Actually, all of this is nonsense, as the iPad should not be considered a replacement for a computer, as mentioned. The iPad is an extra device you get, something more, when you’re out and you DO NOT have the need for a computer, but would like to watch some movies, listen to music, read books, show your friends pictures.

Also, being on a flight the iPad is EXCELLENT for movies, reading and you can sit with it in a relaxed position like a piece of paper or a book.

As a response to: http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2358590,00.asp

1 ) If you want an iPad you must know that you want quality and that you want to pay for the fact that the product is extremely well created and beautiful. If you are poor and you use the argument that the iPad is expensive, that only tells that you are  too poor to own it.

2) Beginning in november, Apple will launch iOS 4.2 for the iPad making it able to multitask.

3 ) Flash is annoying and it concumes a huge amount of CPU and memory. Also it introduces security issues.

4 ) With a photo kit an iPad does have USB. (Remember the poor argument when beginning to argument that this is pricey)

5 ) For the purpose of what you need an iPad for, you have absolutely no use for higher resolutions. Also, it scales down websites wonderfully.

6 ) If you want a bigger screen the device will be bigger and the smart size of the iPad starts to disappear.

7 ) You can get on-the-go charging kits for the iPad. (Don’t even think about it, poor guy)

8 ) Personally I have never, ever used the webcam for anything but fun and it is not something I would need in the device I use for movies and reading books.

9 ) You can buy a keyboard. The iPad is nice and compact without it with a wonderfully working on screen keyboard. (Again… )

10 ) The photo kit mentioned above you can use the USB interface from your camera or read the most commonly used card, SD. (…)

11 ) iPads have the potential of flash, taking over the world, doing your mom AND making coffee all at the same time.

12 ) The screen on a netbook is usually made from plastic that extremely easy gets scratched and ugly when exposed or just even touched. The iPad is covered with glass and made for touching. The glass on an iPad is very hard to scratch.

13 ) On a device the type of an iPad you do not need a faster processor.

14 ) On a device like an iPad you don’t need more than 64 GB space. Also, where did the “you can buy this and that but it’s too expensive” argument go here?

15 ) True story. A new version of the iPad with better specs will come when times require it. (No! you’re too poor! Remember that even Microsoft stated in their own advertisment that macs are for cool people)

16 ) On a device like the iPad you don’t need a full blown OS. In fact that’s one of the major FEATURES of it, not having the full OS. iOS is great for touch.

17 ) With an iPad you can get the apps you need through iTunes.

18 ) Square-ish? That argument is lame. I won’t even comment further on it. The iPad can rotate, period.

19 ) Wireless-N is indeed fast enough for HD video. The iPad is not a replacement for a computer, it’s an additional device.

20 ) Aaand.. the iPad can’t?  My iPad plays 720p HD without any problems.  You would NEVER need 1080p on such a small screen! Not even if it was 13 inches.

21 ) The battery argument again? It was in 7.

22 ) But! None of them even comes close to how beautiful the iPad is.

23 ) … Who wants to do that?

24 ) Again.. enough about the money! Apple stuff is for cool people who knows that good things cost good money – and those who can afford to be awesome. Don’t make money an issue, cheap ass.

25 ) Again the money issue. The connector, get it!

26 ) More advanced? It’s just flat and boring as hell. It’s very entertaining playing games on the iPad because you interact with it. You can even play scrabble and use it as your board and have your letters on the iPhone.

27 ) The iPad has built in 3G and you can readch your Plex/Nine at home with it to watch TV and stuff. You won’t need legacy ports on a iPad kind of device.

28 ) You certainly can on the iPad too. I just bought a data card from another carrier and put it in, BAM, internet on the iPad. This argument is directly wrong.

29 ) Get Apple Care.

30 ) You can do that from iPad too.

31 ) Yes you can, through apps.

32 ) Argument based on basically thin air.

33 ) What are you a hundred?  Rent it online with iTunes.

34 ) As can you for iPad.Navigon, TomTom, CoPilot. iPad runs all iPhone apps.

35 ) The iPad gives you access to internet within 1 second. Also the iPad is an EMBEDDED DEVICE, not a computer.

36 ) Get a netbook for your child, I don’t have kids, I don’t give a crap about kid friendly.Besides, with the awesome games and the fun way to interact with them the kids will be entertained for hours with the iPad.

37 ) Again, go online and stream from Plex (and eyeTV). (But mommy, data is expensive, I’m poor.. waaaaaaah.. )

38 ) Say hi to Opera

39 ) True. Java is slow anyway so why use it? Like flash it consumes a lot of system resources.

40 ) iOS 4.2 in  november. it’s okay to use upcoming and “possible” and “potential” in these arguments, as used earlier with the netbooks.

41 ) If you don’t have a computer already, an iPad is not a device you would use. It’s not a god damn replacement, it an addition.

42 ) Use files and streaming instead of physical optical media.

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